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Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies

Redundant Fieldbus Power Systems

Passes Foundation FF-831 Conformance TestsRedundant Isolated Power for Foundation Fieldbus H1 Segments

Relcom Redundant Fieldbus Power Supplies (FPS-Series) provide redundant isolated power conditioning for Fieldbus H1 network segments and facilitates the connection of redundant input power supplies.

The system is fully "hot-swappable," meaning that individual power conditioning modules and input power supplies can be replaced without interrupting power or communication on the Fieldbus segment.

An alarm circuit provides warning in case of a power conditioning module or input power supply failure.

The system is designed so that power for several Fieldbus segments can be provided from a single cabinet with minimal wiring.

One Fieldbus segment terminator is included for each segment in the FPS-I model. Where a built-in terminator is not desired, use the FPS-2 model.

Four Segment versions of the FPS-I are available from MTL. They come configured for various DCS vendor systems to simplify wiring to those systems. The MTL part numbers are F600A, F650A, and F690A. Please see MTL’s website www.mtl-fieldbus.com for more detailed information.

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Part Number Description Data Sheet Installation Instructions Drawing (DXF) Certification Applications
FPS-I Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply with Terminator PS-010 500-272 FPS-I.DXF




General Purpose

Ex nA IIC T4

Class I Div 2

Groups ABCD, T4

FPS-2 Redundant Fieldbus Power Supply FPS-2.DXF