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Fieldbus Monitor FBT-6

Fieldbus Monitor FBT-6

The Fieldbus Monitor, FBT-6, is used to examine a live Fieldbus network without interfering with its operation. The Monitor is intended for commissioning and for maintenance personnel to verify network operation or to troubleshoot an errant network.

The FBT-6 is the next generation to the FBT-3 and provides many enhanced features including the ability to store and download readings from 8 segments via a USB cable to a PC. Reference the data sheet below for complete specifications.

For help with troubleshooting fieldbus problems, see the Fieldbus Physical Layer Troubleshooting Guide.

See the Testing Fieldbus Wiring with an FBT-6 and FBT-5 application note if you are testing fieldbus wiring as part of commissioning.

FBT-6 Assistant software is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

Need help interpreting FBT-6 Reports?  Email "Fieldbus Technical Support" using our Contacts Page.

Free Download - Adobe Acrobat Reader

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To install the FBT-6 Software and Firmware, first save them on your computer and extract the files from the .zip folders.  Install the FBT-6 Assistant by double-clicking the .exe file.  The FBT-6 Firmware may be transferred to the FBT-6 using the FBT-6 Assistant software.

Part Number
Data Sheet
Installation Instructions
FBT-6 Fieldbus Monitor PS-032

501-338 User Manual 

501-315 Product Insert 

FBT-6 Firmware (v3.01)

FBT-6 Assistant (v3.2)






IECEx FME 08.0003X

General Purpose


II 3 G Ex ic IIC T4 Gc

II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4

Class I Div 1 Groups ABCD T4

Class I Div 2 Groups ABCD T4

Class I Zone 2 IIC T4

Class I Zone 0 Ex/AEx ia IIC T4

Ex ic IIC T4

Ex ia IIC T4