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AS-I Megablocks

AS-I Megablocks

These wiring blocks for the Actuator Sensor Interface (AS-i) network are specifically designed to meet the special needs of the process industries.

AS-i Megablocks are intended for applications where conventional wiring is used in place of flat AS-i cable or pre-molded cord sets.

Like our Fieldbus Megablocks, these blocks offer our patented SpurGuard™ short circuit protection to maximize network availability.

The AS-i Megablocks are used to interconnect multiple AS-i slaves. They are not AS-i slaves.

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Part Number Description Data Sheet Installation Instructions Drawing (DXF) Certification Applications
A100 4-Port AS-i wiring block PS-015 500-521 A100.DXF



General Purpose

Ex nA IIC T4

Class I Div 2
Groups ABCD, T4

Class I Zone 2
Group IIC T4

A101 4-Port AS-i Megablock with integrated SpurGuard™ short circuit protection A101.DXF
A102 8-Port AS-i wiring block A102.DXF
A103 8-Port AS-i Megablock with integrated SpurGuard™ short circuit protection A103.DXF