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Fieldbus Labkit

The Relcom Labkit consists of a Fieldbus Power Hub along with some cables to allow connection to a Fieldbus Device and a National Instruments host interface.  The Labkit is ideal in a laboratory, test, or demonstration environment. It is powered by a 15 Watt plug-in wall transformer.

The transformer is a universal input (100 - 240VAC) and comes with 4 different blades for US, Australia, UK, and European style outlets.

A second kit (not pictured) is available that contains five (5) Type A Fieldbus cables and a National Instruments host interface cable.


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Part Number Description Data Sheet Installation Instructions Drawing (DXF) Certification Applications
F11-Labkit Fieldbus Power Hub with 2 cables PS-076 502-900 N/A

General Purpose
F11-YK2 Fieldbus Power Hub with 6 cables PS-077 502-901