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Carrier-band Network Monitor

We have discontinued manufacturing this product.  Remaining inventory is for rental purposes

Carrier-band Network Monitor

The CBM-1 Carrier-band Network Monitor is a diagnostic and maintenance tool for mission-critical networks that have to operate continuously. It is used to observe network operation and measure signals while the network and the control system are active. The Monitor is a passive instrument that examines the network, but does not interfere with its operation in any way. It is a valuable management and maintenance tool for use by field personnel and does not require extensive knowledge of network technology.

The Monitor is used to:

  • Determine which stations (also called nodes or devices) are active on the network.
  • Measure the signal level of each station and display the current and low signal values.
  • Examine signal reflections that indicate damaged cabling or loose connections.
  • Measure noise to determine if there is noise pick-up or grounding problems on the network.

These measurements are used to verify that the network is operating correctly, or to detect deteriorating network conditions so that steps can be taken to prevent network down-time, or to help determine what has failed.

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Part Number Description Data Sheet Installation Instructions Drawing (DXF) Certification Applications
CBM-1 A Diagnostic tool to observe network operation. PS-050 500-347 N/A
General Purpose
CBM-1S01 Software for operating the Monitor from a local or remote PC 501-258 N/A
CBM-1A001 RS-232 9 pin M/F cable 1.5m (5ft) N/A
CBM-1A002 25 pin Female to 9 pin Male Adapter